The coronavirus has affected everything, from how we work and take care of one another, to how we shop, pay, and entertain ourselves. How will the way you operate change because of the coronavirus? How will your industry change? And how will the world change?

Chief executives have said that the pandemic has pointed the way toward a near future of flexible work, a more relaxed work-life balance, with more inclusive cultures. Remote work will become more common than ever, fewer people will head to the office and for a lot of us it will never need to be 5 days a week, all day every day again. As the perception on ‘The future of work’ evolves, we would be enabling employees to work anywhere without sacrificing benefits like healthcare and volunteer opportunities. And by cutting back on individual workspaces and increasing investment in collaborative spaces, turning the office into a cultural and training hub, could benefit our businesses in many ways.

Executives have also been reevaluating business travel amid the coronavirus pandemic. Business trips could become a thing of the past as the pandemic pushes CEOs to ask themselves what warrants a flight, and what could’ve been a Zoom call now we’re seeing that you can do a lot via video conferencing. It’s clear Business travel isn’t going to go away, but it’s going to look very different in the future.


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