Tech firms in the UK are in talks with ministers about creating health passports to help Britons return safely to work using coronavirus testing and facial recognition. Facial biometrics could be used to help provide a digital certificate, known as an immunity passport that will prove which workers have had Covid-19. This would be a possible way of easing the impact on the economy and businesses from ongoing physical distancing even after current lockdown measures are eased.

With a view to easing lockdown and allowing people to begin travelling again, for work or leisure, several countries are also calling for an “immunity passport”. The authorities in some popular European destinations, including Greece, Sardinia and the Balearic Islands, have been in talks openly about antibody-based passports to enable safe entry for tourists. The idea would be that it would issue “release certificates,” in the form of smartphone QR codes, to those who are 14 days clear of Covid-19 symptoms. UK Digital identity experts say they are in the “discovery stage” of what could be tailored for their government, but developing a type of health certificate through app technology does seem to be gaining traction from the British public. 


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