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Our podcasts give us a golden opportunity to hold exclusive interviews with women blazing a trail in business, from authors of bestsellers to disrupters in the City. Let them be your role models, and learn from the masters.

Engaging and Educating

Modern Woman - The multi-media brand to educate, motivate and inspire women in business and the workplace! Our podcasts showcase insightful interviews with various luminaries about their personal and career journey from diverse industries and backgrounds. Here to help you grow and thrive in the world of work!

Roneish Myers – Founder of Money Heave

Roneish Myers is a financial expert who has worked in the world of finance for over 10 years....
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Allera Dawn – Founder of PureLight1111 (The Modern Day High Priestess)

Allera Dawn is known as The Modern Day High Priestess and is creating waves as a spiritual life...
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Gina Miller – Leader of the True and Fair Party and co-founder of SCM Direct and MoneyShe

Gina Miller is a dynamic businesswoman but also an activist and UK political party leader of The True...
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Anne Boden – CEO & Founder Starling Bank

Anne Boden founded Starling Bank in 2014 after a distinguished, 30-year career at some of the world’s best-known...
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Dr Susan Rose – Rose and Bloom Coaching

Dr Susan Rose, is the founder of Rose and Bloom Coaching specialising in leadership and personal development. Prior...
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Cynthia Morrow – Covett

Cynthia Morrow, is the founder and CEO of Covett, the world’s first shared ownership platform of fine jewellery....
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Mary Jarrett – Change4Good

Mary Jarrett was the former Refining and Chemical Plants CIO at the gas & oil conglomerate, Shell. After...
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Lea Sellers & Rosalind Adler – The Confidence People

Lea Sellers and Rosalind Adler both have a wealth of experience under their belt in the media, television...
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Dr Alka Patel – GP, Lifestyle Medicine Doctor and Workplace Wellbeing Strategist

Dr Alka Patel is a GP, Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, and Workplace Wellbeing Strategist. After being in the medical...
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