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Let’s get down to business and find your coach or mentor. We cut out the middle(wo)man and find bespoke matches from our list of trusted mentors and coaches, and you can decide from our chosen shortlist.

What it is

Although hiring a mentor or coach is not a new concept amongst professionals, very few programmes offer a bespoke product with you in mind when you’re looking for career guidance. Like with any partnership, a spark is necessary to any mentor/mentee or coach/client relationship – and with our matching service you’re guaranteed somebody who matches your needs to a tee.

In the professional world, we not only need guidance and assurance in our role, but we also know the power of creating strong and meaningful connections. Our matching service is both a chance to find a mentor or coach who will push you to get the most out of yourself, but also open doors to networking and promotion within your industry.

How it works

In a similar fashion to the more personalised dating sites (this isn’t a swipe and go!), we examine your details and needs in order to find you the perfect coach or mentor from our approved list of professional and experienced individuals. Our ethos is ensuring you are matched with somebody with knowledge and experience in your field, who can support, empower and guide you both personally and professionally. Finding a match is free, and done in 3 quick steps:

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Tell us more about yourself…

Answer a few questions about yourself, your job role and what you’re looking for in a coach or mentor, so we can effectively find you a match made in heaven.

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Get matched

Once we get to work and find suitable matches based on your needs, you’ll be sent a selection of handpicked mentors or coaches from our database of listed professionals. You get the casting decision – so read their bio’s and find your best fit!

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It’s a date!

Now it’s time to meet your match! After finding your mentor or coach, you will have a free discovery call or meeting in which you can get to know more about each other and discuss fees*, want from your sessions and how they can best help you.

*All fees are at mentor/coaches’ discretion


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