According to a poll of 5,677 women conducted by gynaecologist Dr Anita Mitra, having lockdown-disrupted periods has been proving fairly common as we become more accustomed to living in lockdown conditions. When asked whether or not women had noticed a change in their menstrual cycle or hormonal symptoms during lockdown, more than half (65 per cent) of respondents said yes. The subject has recently also spawned several Twitter conversations and threads, with hundreds of women left baffled as to why their periods have suddenly become worse, more painful, or less regular. But why is this happening?

We have all found ourselves in unfamiliar and uncertain circumstances since the coronavirus outbreak. From financial instability, social isolation, and psychological hardship, the impact on menstrual cycles is not surprising, says gynaecologist Dr Leila Frodsham. Stress and anxiety play a huge part in the regularity and the balance of our hormones, whether we know it or not, and are aware of how our bodies and minds may be feeling different, we are currently unsettled in many ways. As a result of this, women may be noticing changes to their menstrual cycle and how their bodies are responding to these unprecedented times.

Practising yoga, mindfulness and meditation, in addition to doing regular aerobic exercise, could help in regulating your cycle again during lockdown. ”It is also helpful to track the cycle, as one or two slightly early or late periods is likely no cause for concern,” says Dr Leila Frodsham. ”But changes that repeat over a prolonged time, or a complete lack of regularity, should be discussed with a healthcare”


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