About Us

A new multi-media brand celebrating women in business and the workplace brought to you by RC Publishing

What is Modern Woman?

Modern Woman exists to empower, to influence and to support women, and as a sounding board to breed confidence among our highly able readership.

A brand accessible via a bi-monthly digital and print magazine, podcasts and events aimed at giving a voice to women in business working in diverse industries to share their inspiring stories and insight.

Why Modern Woman?

In giving a platform to women blazing a trail in business, Modern Woman aims to address those pressing issues at the core of new wave feminism: that in the 21st-century, women in the workplace are still striving to be respected and have the equal rights; that a gender pay gap still exists; and that many women continue to be derailed from roles in which they would thrive were they given a chance. Not only in the UK but also work with women from other countries that still have opportunities to further women's rights.


This ladder signifies the start of a woman’s career and the end, which is their success. During this journey, one may experience many triumphs, obstacles and emotions along the way, Modern Woman acts as a support measure via each marketing platform we publish.

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