About Modern Woman

Modern Woman exists to empower, influence, and support women in business and the workplace.

What is Modern Woman?

We provide a sounding board and networking platform, to breed confidence among our experienced and highly skilled readership.

Our multimedia brand produces high-quality digital content, ranging from podcasts and in-depth interviews to advice columns and long reads on the most pressing subjects for working women in the 21st century. We host regular virtual events and occasional live conferences, which give a voice to women working across diverse industries and provide opportunities for networking. We’ve also got an in-house radio station to provide a soundtrack to your working day.

Our four membership types offer business support for women at all stages of their career journey, from access to our inspirational content and events to high-end networking opportunities.

We will soon launch a membership area, where experienced mentors will link up with mentees looking to advance their skills in specific areas.

We are also launching MW Exclusive a monthly meetup for experienced business individuals based in different cities. This is available to members signed up to our Emerald or Sapphire membership packages.

Our story

A note from the founder, Rosie Coxshaw

“Welcome to Modern Woman. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur, a mid-career employee, or a business owner looking to level up, we’re here to educate, motivate, and support you.

I started my first business aged 16, armed with just my GCSEs. After running an array of companies – some successful ventures, and others that failed along the way – I saw a real lack of platforms to support a woman like me, navigating the world of work by herself.

In my early career, I had no resources to guide me. Everything was trial and error. While that journey was (and continues to be) incredibly exciting, downright challenging and a lot of hard work, I know that if I had better tools and advice available to me, I would have saved on mistakes and money, and excelled much quicker.

This is what inspired me to launch Modern Woman in 2018. It’s my passion to help women throughout their career, through our community of like-minded individuals representing diverse industries and backgrounds.

I hope we can help you achieve your career goals, by inspiring confidence and providing the toolkits you need. We’re on this journey together.

With love,

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