Xanthe Fuller got her big break in radio when she entered a competition on the Christian O’Connell show. Since then she’s produced shows on the gamut, from Classic FM to XFM, and now presents her own show on Soho Radio. As well as making waves as Head of Community at Mixcloud, a platform in radio that’s poised to go from big to bigger.

Growing up, was music always a keen interest?
Definitely. Both of my parents are really into music; my dad’s massively into jazz and my mum’s really into classical music, so on Saturday mornings if she was doing stuff around the house, she’d put on Mozart’s Requiem and I had that subtly seeping into my knowledge of music. I played some instruments, so that fed in to my actual technical knowledge, and then I had two older sisters; my eldest sister was surrounded by a lot of DJs and that’s what really piqued my interest in modern music.

At what point did you realise that this was your career path?
When I was 13 I first started going clubbing with my friends – ridiculously young, I know – and we used to sneak off to jungle raves when they first started. I’ll never forget the energy at those nights. We were really innocent, we didn’t drink or anything; all we did was just dance all night. Then when I was about 16 I started going to more hip-hop clubs and nights around London and it sort of grew from there.

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