It’s said that a quarter of the UK’s high-growth companies have a female founder, but just 9 per cent of the money invested into businesses in 2019 went to female-founded firms. 

By pairing budding female entrepreneurs with established business leaders across all sectors, business sizes and geographies, Santander is currently launching a new UK Women Business Leaders mentoring programme, which will see 90 female business owners paired up with a mentor from March to November 2020. This scheme is designed for the ‘next generation of fast-growth female entrepreneurs’ who will in turn be matched with someone from a different sector, supporting them as they consider the next stage of their business and professional growth.

Louise Robinson of Santander said ‘Mentoring is about providing a catalyst to change which may be small or large; it helps you to see and explore a destination but doesn’t give you a detailed map of how to get there. There are some things you’d only know from experience and having someone who has been there and done it all already can save you from mistakes and help you think about opportunities you might not have been aware of,’ she said.

As we see headway on breaking down barriers for women in business, there is still a long way to go before gender parity. By 2030 the Government plan and hope to double the number of female entrepreneurs as a result of the scheme in hand with others around the UK that businesses have to offer. Providing women with support, access to tools, resources and finance from the financial services will contribute to the fast-growth female entrepreneurs of all sectors and sizes, empowering the next generation. 


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