#1 – Remote Working – Commuting to work every day, as we all know, leaves a substantial environmental footprint. We now have the technology to make remote working a reality, so why not use it? You can help reduce carbon output generated by daily commutes in offering your employees the option to work at home when practical.  More and More businesses are offering this now and contributing to the longevity of the planet and also our work life balance.

#2 – Reuse & Recycle – From the packaging you produce and use to the process by which you hire employees can be a great way to make your business more environmentally sustainable. Ask yourself what recyclable materials you’re using in your manufacturing process, or whether you are doing your best to recycle paper and ink cartridges after use. If your business is replacing electronic items such as computers, monitors, tablets, smartphones, or printers, chances are they can be put to good use by schools or charities in your area. It’s all food for thought, and with a little planning, you can ensure you are doing your bit for the planet.

#3 – Plants & Shrubs –  Plants in the office improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants. They also stabilize humidity levels and have also been shown to reduce the symptoms of “sick building syndrome”. Starting with air quality within the office will contribute largely to workplace wellness and in hand start improving our general carbon footprint and emission on the planet.

#4 – Cloud Computing – Often the environmental benefits of cloud computing are overlooked. In addition to the technological and financial sides, there are often environmental benefits that could significantly help in making sure our businesses are doing their bit for the planet. Cloud computing reduces energy consumption, waste, and carbon emissions. … Microsoft cloud computing is 93% energy efficient and has 98% lower carbon emissions than on-site data centres.

#5 – Sustainable Partnerships  – One of the best ways to make your business more environmentally sustainable is to partner with like-minded people and organizations in your community. From Local businesses, to the government and environmental groups, your company can simultaneously gain better insights into where community resources are being wasted and also make it known you are supporting these issues and want to make change.

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