Twitter has debuted a new voice tweet feature as a way to add ‘human touch’ to the platform.


Twitter’s known as the chosen platform to air your political rants, share your opinions and keep up to date with daily press iniquity. Up till now the traditional character limit for users to express themselves and their thoughts has been capped to 140 characters. As of Wednesday 17th June the platform has debuted a new ‘voice tweet’ feature that will give users the option to share audio recordings of up to 140 seconds directly to their feed. The voice tweet feature will also be able to accompany text, photos, videos or GIFS wanting to be shared with followers.

A recent article from Business Insider stated that Twitter wanted the new feature to “add a more human touch” to the platform, and that they hoped voice tweeting would give users the ability to share perspectives quicker and easier.

In the past Twitter has been criticised  for its inability to adequately monitor text-only posts and many users have had to put up with abusive language, targeted harassment campaigns, and death threats.

When putting this into perspective are we to think that the new voice tweet feature will only continue to promote this level of behaviour and that it could get worse when encouraging a more ‘human touch’ upon the app? Or maybe people will be more inclined to consider ‘thinking before they speak’ instead of hiding behind a screen and taking on the role of a keyboard warrior. Statements provided by Business Insider proved that Twitter are currently putting into place plans and actions that will be able to monitor the voice tweets going forward.

The ability to create voice tweets is currently only available to a limited group of iOS users to start, but the feature should roll out to everyone using Twitter for iOS app in the coming weeks. As our tech evolves and the habit of automatically turning to social media platforms to learn of the latest happenings from around the globe increases, will Twitter’s new feature be the next best thing for a journalist sharing breaking news, or maybe even a first-hand account from a protest?

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