Freelancer platform see’s a four-fold rise in sign-ups as well as increased demand for specific skills.


Freelancer platform PeoplePerHour has recently reported an ‘unprecedented rise’ in both sign-up numbers and demand for talent in certain key areas since the Covid19 outbreak in the UK. With London seeing the highest surge at an increase of almost 500 percent turning to freelancing, this has resulted in the number of freelancers jumping to around 7.5 times higher than any other city in the UK according to presented research from startupdonut.

During the first 26 days of March and only 3 days into lockdown, the platform reported sign-up numbers had reached 96,123 – an almost four-fold increase year-on-year. There was also demand for specific skills including business planning and marketing. Other areas that experienced a significant boost included requests for enterprise resource planning experts seeing a leap of 500 percent between February and March 2020, media planning which saw a rise by 400 percent, and brand development by 200 percent.

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, founder and CEO of PeoplePerHour recently spoke out about the increase, “Although various support packages are now in place, the delay has led to a huge number of people [taking] matters into their own hands with many individuals signing up to find freelance work using their skills base to carve out a freelance career. SMEs have been turning to the growing freelance network to attain the talent they require to keep their businesses going at a time of social distancing.”

As we head into a ‘changed world’ post pandemic, it’s clear to see the future of work becoming more flexible. From freedom of clients to work load control, has this been a wake up call for many of us now we have had a taste of independence and the freelance lifestyle? Is the future freelance?



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