Women over 50 face the most pay discrimination a study into the UK gender pay gap has revealed.

Women in their 50s are facing an equality battle on multiple fronts in the workplace, firstly because of gender and secondly due to age.

Average salaries for women in the UK in their 50’s are now proving 28% – or £12,509 – lower than that of men’s. A recent study has found women in their 50’s have the widest gender pay gap, yet available data still contradicts this by suggesting the gender pay gap increases with age.

Between the ages of 18 and 21, the gap is 18%. This falls to 13% for those in their 20s, rises to 16% for those in their 30s and reaches 25% for women and men in their 40s.


A Government Equalities Office spokeswoman said: “These statistics demonstrate how women are likely sacrificing a larger pay packet, and career growth, because they are doing the bulk of childcare and unpaid work. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act these underlying causes must be addressed. Too many women are trapped in low paid part-time work or locked out of non-traditional sectors as progress to close the gender pay gap is proving dismally slow. It is becoming more apparent that for women in their 50s, the chances of them earning an equal salary compared to their male peers is at its slimmest.

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