25% of UK Tech roles are occupied by women

Throughout history, we have seen plenty of examples of great women in tech. They’ve left a legacy for future generations to follow, although we all know that there’s still a major gender gap when it comes to women in tech. Women make up the majority of the workplace and the social media sphere, but we currently only represent a small percentage of the technology world.

As one of the largest growing industries of today, technology has seen more than a third of growth since 2010 with IT specialists increasing by 34 per cent, and web design and development roles increasing by 83 per cent.

Flexioffices found that in particular since 2016, IT specialist roles, science, research, engineering and technology, and web design and development are in the top five areas of growth for women in work. Women in IT specialisms, web design and development roles have increased since 2016 by more than seven percent, with web design being one of the largest areas of growth for women in tech (+9%).

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