NASA completed its first all-women spacewalk on Friday 18th October, 2019.  Flight Engineers Christina Koch and Jessica Meir of NASA concluded their spacewalk, the first with only women; now to be configured as a history-making event. During the 7-hour, 17-minute spacewalk, the two NASA astronauts completed the replacement of a failed power charging component.

Though there have been over 200 spacewalks outside the ISS, all have consisted of two men or a man and a woman.  Women still only make up 10% of people who have travelled into space. Weitekamp said “I think this achievement stands on the shoulders of generations of women who have been working to enter these professions,”


The first all-woman spacewalk is an important milestone, demonstrating NASA has integrated enough women into its astronaut corps that this now historic event was possible.

Astronaut Sally Ride once said, “Young girls need to see role models in whatever careers they may choose, just so they can picture themselves doing those jobs someday.”

This space walk will inspire the next generation of young women scientists who will now see such achievements as empowering and inspirational.

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