Saudi Arabian TV presenter, Shireen Al-Rifaie was accused for wearing ‘indecent’ clothing whilst filming a piece to the camera explaining how the woman’s driving ban being lifted in Saudi has affected women’s freedom in the Kingdom.

The footage was aired whilst working for Dubai-based Al Aan TV and she is now being investigated by the Saudi General Commission for Audiovisual Media for appearing on TV in ‘indecent’ clothing and violating regulations according to the commission.

In the clip below, you can see Al-Rifaie wearing a white abaya, traditional cloak, which had only one button and flew open as she walked towards the camera showing her tight clothing beneath. Her scarf was also loosely placed on her head with her long locks clearly visible.


The presenter has denied any wrongdoing in an interview with Saudi news website Ajel.

According to Ajel, on Thursday Ms Rifaie posted a photo of her passport to SnapChat with the caption “I will entrust you to God” and has not been heard from since, leading many to speculate she has left the country. Ajel said they believed she had gone to the UAE.

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