Masterclass: Building a Property Investment & Acquisition Strategy in Todays Property Market

The UK property market can generate a significant return on your investment(s), if you invest wisely and also provides opportunity to safeguard your future personal income. Promoting financial independence for women is a priority on our agenda and we’re pleased to be hosting this masterclass with advice on how to make the right decisions when it comes to property investing and acquisitions. 

We’ve partnered with Chartered Surveyor, Property Investor, Lecturer and CEO of NC Real Estate, Natasha Collins to host this masterclass advising on Building a Property Investment & Acquisition Strategy in Todays Property Market’. Suited towards those that are looking to get onto the property ladder, build a portfolio or start gaining residual income, Natasha will be sharing with us her tips and experience to support you on this journey. 

In this Masterclass:

  • How to put together a simple property investment acquisition strategy to follow and create long term success
  • How to make property investment decisions that always create growth
  • How to acquire good property investment deals even in todays market!
  • What an Asset Manager actually does and why you need to become this in your own property portfolio
  • How to make the right decision and stop wasting time knee deep in analysis paralysis.
  • Why making the ‘wrong decision’ also creates phenomenal steps forward
  • How to make the right decision in your property investment journey

Natasha Collins is a Chartered Surveyor, Property Investor, Lecturer and CEO of NC Real Estate. Natasha has been in the property industry for the past 12 years. Starting off as a letting agent to fund her way through University, she found herself in the deep end when taken on as a graduate property manager in South West London at 21. Within 3 months she was promoted to head of asset management and worked with large Estates such as the NHS and Sloane Stanley. During that time she achieved her Masters in Surveying through the University of Reading and successfully passed her APC to become a chartered surveyor.

During this time Natasha built her small but mighty property portfolio in London and Bath on the belief that quality is far better than quantity and this funded her next move. Her property portfolio now stretches across the UK and the USA.

In 2016 Natasha founded NC Real Estate which specialises in Asset Management and Property Investment Strategy for commercial and residential property in the UK. Her firms’ goal is to help Property Investors build property portfolio’s that align with their goals. This firm of Surveyors is unique as it’s 100% online. We work with clients from around the world who want to invest in the UK Property Market through our Members Club, 1:1 coaching and consultancy services.

Natasha also hosts the NC Podcast which is devoted to all things property investment with a sprinkling of lifestyle thrown in!

Alongside this Natasha is a lecturer at the University College of Estate Management and teaches property management at undergraduate and post graduate level. She is also a Mental Health Ambassador for LionHeart as they supported her during some of her toughest times and she now advocates for other professionals to seek help when they find themselves in difficult situations.

Over the last few years Natasha has become completely location independent and runs her firm of surveyors, property portfolio and life from wherever she happens to be in the world.




Jan 27 2021


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 27 2021
  • Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm





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