#1 – Sleep Rituals – Waking up feeling refreshed and energized has to begin the night before. These rituals could be small, calming activities that quiet your mind and allow you to wind down and switch off from your daily tasks whether you completed them or not. From a calming cup of camomile to a evening skincare regime, find the rituals that work for you and stick to them.⁠

#2 – Banish Your Mobile Phone From Your Beside – Using your phone not only stimulates your brain but the blue light emitted by all LED screens also interferes with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Keep your phone away from your bedside and resist temptation for a quality nights sleep so you feel energised when you wake.⁠

#3 – Wake Up Determined Each Day – If you wake up with a positive sense of ambition and a feeling of determination to make something of your day, your morning will feel easier and more energized. Start your day with intention and feel motivated to jump into it. ⁠

#4 – Create Peace and Calm in your Morning – Quiet your mind by making time for purposeful silence. This is a chance to engage in mediation, practice mindfulness or even just sit quietly and allow yourself to feel at peace before your long list of tasks take toll. In doing this you will take on a different mind set when approaching your first tasks of the day which will then have a domino effect onto the rest.   ⁠

#5 – Don’t Hit the Snooze Button – By hitting the snooze when your alarm awakes you, signals that you’re not ready for your day. Don’t rob yourself of waking with a sense of purpose. Our beds feel so cozy, and it’s easy to want to doze a few more minutes especially when the morning’s are darker, but try changing the way you approach your day by changing your attitude to your sleeping habits. ⁠

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