It’s often said that overtime you start to mirror the people you surround yourself with. Or that behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women. So when it comes down to our performance in the workplace, do our friendships with our fellow female colleagues really influence our success rates or performance?

A recent study has revealed women who have a strong support system in the form of female friends within the workplace are likely to perform better in their professional lives and therefore excel in their careers, get higher paying jobs and occupy higher ranking posts according to Harvard Business Review. We spend an estimated time of up to 90,000 hours of our lives in the workplace, so when it comes to fostering positive relationships and having a good work environment it is essential for our health and wellbeing to develop good communication and friendships with the people we work with. 

If you’ve worked somewhere for a while, the chances are there is at least one female colleague you may refer to as your so-called “work wife”. Bonding with colleagues is important. From getting through the work day, to having someone whom you can share the 3pm coffee run with or to chat to over lunch, we are spending more hours in a week with our work colleagues than our family members, so no wonder we form such bonds and gain trust in certain colleagues. In these conditions, having a friend who can provide confidential support and advice – and importantly, someone who understands your issues first hand can help you overcome challenges in and out of the workplace. 

We now live in an era where employees want their jobs to be more than just a source of income. A good workplace culture and a feeling of belonging is something highly valued to us modern women nowadays. When we are spending so much of our time in one place surrounded with the same people our human connections will surely automatically click. From the common interests as to why you may be working within the industry you are, or to relying on each other for support and advice as you spend hours a day within a few square feet of each other, encouraging and uplifting our colleagues forms stronger long lasting bonds and relationships – we then see this resulting in the way we approach our work and our daily tasks leading to gains in our performance and successes. 

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