The Wing, a woman only network founded in 2016, has launched an app to help its members stay connected in the virtual world. As a work and community space for women whose manifesto is ‘the professional, civic, social and economic advancement of women through community’, The Wing is a growing network that offers a female alternative to the traditional men-only clubs. They believe that by bringing women together in shared spaces, they can ‘create opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to greater mobility and prosperity for womenkind.’

Backed by $40million venture capital investment, for its members The Wing provides workspaces, organizes events and also runs a scholarship programme piloted in 2018 that supports women and non-binary people ‘committed to the advancement and demarginalization of women and girls. Recent events have included topics such as real estate, women in tech, ‘wing women in recovery’ and ‘a feminasty read with Erin Gibson’, podcaster, presenter and author. They also publish a magazine with contributors ranging from historian Mary Beard to activist and whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

The app is currently limited to members. Audrey Gelman, co-founder and CEO, said they have been, ‘hard at work on ways for members to carry the connections they make with them wherever they go… Through the app, members will have access to features that make The Wing experience even more valuable and efficient and will have access to thousands of incredible women at their fingertips’.

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