Since ancient times, footwear has evidently served a practical purpose in our lives – in keeping our feet protected. Today, a majority of us will also associate a secondary contribution to this, that of gaining insight into one’s personality type or status when it comes to what footwear we choose to wear and when. 

Women’s shoes are at once the great forgivers of fashion, the great torturers and the great revealers. The shoes we choose to wear can portray how we are feeling, how we would like to be perceived or often dictate a situation.

But why are our shoes so revealing? When it comes to us modern women in business, research has suggested you are able to tell a lot about the characteristics of the people you work with, or potentially the person you are about to hire before really getting to know them… 


High Heels – It’s said that the high-heel is worn by a woman who wants to take charge of a situation. They are quick on their feet and able to make clear, rational decisions. She is a self-assured character who is very assertive. People can easily interpret a women in high heels as materialistic, but in fact they are incredibly hardworking. They have major drive, determination, and a standout work ethic. This is someone who says ‘yes’ before she says ‘no.’ She’s very willing, and very open to possibilities.


 Court Shoe – A total ‘Girl Boss’. A woman said to be wearing this shoe is competitive, resolute, and intimidating to those who can’t keep up with their pace. Known as the most mature of all the shoes, someone wearing this shoe is often caring, efficient and powerful, usually in a leadership role within a business. We all need this type of shoe wearing woman in our lives to ensure a job gets done properly. 


Flats – Flat fans can often be worn by behind the scenes leaders. A focused, very modest, and generous being who will work their hardest to ensure there’s always a perfectly finished product. The best part is, they are so humble that they often don’t require any attention or recognition for their efforts. The flat wearer is someone who is so confident and stylish that those flats are a reassuring way of letting you know she is comfortable in herself and is often the woman doing all the work but not asking for the credit. 

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