Million dollar, female founded tropical goddess bikini line is coming to Europe


Allow us to introduce the wonderful Ana Gavia, female founder of the million dollar bikini enterprise, Pink Colada.

This new and exciting, Australian swimwear brand which turns over $1 million + (AUS) annually was actually conceived by Ana as a side hustle, while she studied podiatry at University.

Growing up on the coast she knew the value of a good bikini but was ‘struggling to find affordable swimwear that was still supportive and fitted to the body’. Hoping to solve the problem, she hopped online and set about designing the perfect bathing suit herself, teaching herself design skills in the process.

“Ana launched Pinkcolada with the goal of creating swimwear that truly captured the essence of summer, bringing this vibrant season to life through a unique combination of colour and chic design.  Starting out as a small-scale hobby that she ran from home, Pinkcolada grew quickly, and now sells its bikinis to travelistas worldwide. We have shades to suit all skin tones and styles for all bodies. You’ll find bandeaus, Brazilian bottoms, high waistlines and much more.”

Using an admirable combination of logic, initiative and creative flair she eventually found a small factory in China that was willing to produce a single, medium sized sample of her piece. No easy feat when most factories are reluctant to take on small production runs— or anything less than $1k orders.

She listed her bikini online, and took pre-order sales on her website and via a small Facebook advertisement. The Facebook add proved exceptionally useful because it allowed her to gauge the actual popularity of her product before going all-in on a big and expensive order. Very clever.

Her pre-order sales were a hit and she flew to China to conduct a quality production check and sign off her first 100 bikinis.

Zoom forward to the here and now and admiring her Instagram page, alongside 100k others, it may be fair to say that her bikinis have been a huge success.

If you love her style and want to have fun, feel confident and discover you own inner topical goddess you’ll be pleased to learn that Ana is expanding her bijou bikini business with her new US site, and European site this later this Summer. So what this space

Key Takeaways – Three things we learnt from Anas story


  1. You can’t predict the future: Your side hustle might just become a million dollar business. It might become the inspiration for a new book or TV series, it may turn into a charity venture or hobby, or evolve into your next business entirely.
  2. It’s ok to start small: Don’t be afraid to start small. Maybe the means just making one or two pieces and testing the water, or starting an event in your local town before trying to go global.
  3. Explore testing options: Using FB adds, website pre-orders or A/B testing on your Ads and Newsletters can give you pre launch wisdom. Handy for saving those precious small business pennies.
  4. Solopreneur: Ana is part of the growing trend for solopreneurs, that’s to say entrepreneurs who run $1 million + firms in which the founder is the only staff member.

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