As the April 4thdeadline looms for companies to report their gender pay gap it appears this is widening consequently seeing equal pay decreasing.

Whilst it may be illegal for companies to pay men more than women for the same work, larger firms including Kwik Fit, Npower and Virgin Atlantic are amongst the companies proving their pay gaps have increased.

1,146 companies have already declared their statistics for the report with four in 10 private companies publishing expanding gaps than last year. This report comes from the BBC, as they review the median pay gap in each company, the difference between the average earning woman and average earning man.

However of the companies that have reported so far, it appears the median gender pay gap across the board has decreased to 8.4% compared to 9.7% last year.

74 per cent had a pay gap in favour of men, 14 per cent had one which favoured women, while 12 per cent reported no pay gap.


Whilst it may be an improvement, Rebecca Hilsenrath, Chief Executive at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, comments “Just reporting figures is not going to eliminate anyone’s pay gap. Now that employers have met their legal duty to report their pay gaps, they should have worked out what has caused them and what they need to do to narrow them.’

The Government Equalities Office stated; “Closing the gender pay gap is not a quick fix, and employers may take time to see their gap close as they implement long term action plans,”

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