Coach and mentor Ruth Kudzi shares five techniques for coping with coronavirus uncertainty. 

“If you are living on a diet of social media, clickbait news and junk food, you aren’t going to feel mentally or physically fit.”

Ruth Kudzi, coach and mentor

Has the coronavirus pandemic left you feeling insecure about your work? There’s good reason for that. 

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), unemployment increased by 50,000 to 1.35 million in the first three months of the year, as the coronavirus pandemic had a ‘major impact’ on the UK labour market.

Coach and mentor Ruth Kudzi has seen the impact of this uncertainty in her clients’ personal lives. Lockdown has impacted not just businesses, but home lives, personal relationships and wellbeing.

“While we cannot control the spread of the virus or how other people behave, if we take control of our lives, we generally tend to feel better,” says Kudzi. “These techniques can help you to practise self-care and will give you the time and space to reflect and refocus, so you can find a way ahead.”

For this week’s top tips, Kudzi reveals how people can step away from their fight or flight responses and focus on finding calm in a chaotic time. 


Ruth Kudzi’s five top tips

#1. Only focus on what you can control

“Predicating the spread of the virus and controlling how other people act and feel is impossible, so look at what you can control and things could get clearer. Make a list of what you can control in this situation and put your energy into those. For example, continue to do your job and speak with your colleagues, rather than spending hours worrying about whether you are going to be made redundant.”

#2. Do something for yourself

“Spend at least 10 minutes a day doing something that is just for you. This could be keeping a journal, dancing in the kitchen, having a bath, walking around the block or reading a book. Many of us are at home pretty much 24/7 and this can be intense, so looking after you for just a little bit each day can help you feel better.”

#3. What are you feeding your brain?

“If you are living on a diet of social media, clickbait news and junk food, you aren’t going to feel mentally or physically fit. There is a lot of noise out there at the moment and you need to nourish your body and mind, so just think about what you are consuming when it comes to food and drink as well as news and views.”

#4. Identify your fears

“If we are aware of what we’re afraid of, we can bring ourselves back from catastrophising over the ‘what if’s’. Look at what you actually know, how likely it is you’ll get sick or lose your home, and then reassure yourself in a calm, rational way that you will be OK.”

#5. Find a focus

“When we aren’t focussed, our minds can find the worst-case scenarios to obsess and fret over. Find something positive you can focus on and spend time doing that. It could be your work, maybe it’s teaching your children or being outside and clearing the garden. Whatever it is, make a decision and stick by it. As you start to see progress, you will want to do this more and think less about the negatives out there.”

Ruth Kudzi is the founder of Kudzi Coaching and Training, an ICF affiliated training partner and offers students first class business and life coaching training via intense six-month courses.

Thanks to Ruth Kudzi for providing her insight. 

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