Covid19 may be the largest test of political leadership that the world has ever witnessed. Every leader on the planet is facing the same unprecedented potential threat and has their own way of dealing with it. Each one will be judged by the results and the outcome of how their country and economy deals with and rises from it all. This is the kind of crisis which will make or break leaders. And this will make Jacinda Ardern… according to experts.

Jacinda Ardern, the 39-year-old prime minister of New Zealand has been shining above the rest for her leadership style, and praised by many saying she is ‘the most effective leader on the planet’. Focusing on empathy, she isn’t just resonating with her people, but putting the country on track for success against the coronavirus. Forging a path of her own, her leadership style is one that tempts people to fend for themselves. Her messages are clear, consistent, and somehow simultaneously sobering and soothing, with her approach resonating with her people on an emotional level as she delivers ‘from home’ conferences with her kids toys in the background. And it seems to be working remarkably well. Since March, New Zealand has been unique in staking out a national goal of not just flattening the curve of coronavirus cases, as most other countries have aimed to do, but eliminating the virus altogether. And it is on track to do it.


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