As female-led travel continues to grow as a tourism trend, ‘GoLightly’ joins a number of companies dedicated to women-only travel. The invite-only Airbnb-style accommodation connecting female travellers with hosts, launches properties in Dubai, London, New York and more, all under ownership and the management of women. 

The new platform provides holiday rentals and home sharing options for women operating by an approved membership only. Any woman wishing to join must submit an application form that will be carefully vetted before membership is approved. 

A recent survey by Wakefield Research showed 89 percent of women routinely take extreme safety precautions when they travel, such as double-checking locks and looking for hidden cameras, and nearly 50 percent of women are more likely to stay in a woman-owned rental. Taking this on board, GoLightly’s aim is that they hope to be an interconnected network for all women, and that their goal is to provide a safer and more accountable place to book travel (and in some cases, longer term) accommodation, and a platform to rent out your space, whether it be one room or an entire home creating a community of friends around the world. 

Although members must make all of the bookings on the site, they are still encouraged to travel with whomever they wish as GoLightly does not want to exclude men. Offering and providing luxury accommodation for several budgets is also at the forefront of GoLightly’s proposal as they aim to cater for diverse modern women from around the world. 


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