The Modern Woman Show

Wednesday 21st June, 2023




The art of securing investment and building a business

In this very popular session gain greater insight on how to be strategic and intuitive in selecting your investors. A key component is mastering the art of passionate and authentic storytelling about your business whilst retaining your integrity and staying true to yourself.

The power of inclusivity in the workplace

Learn how to create an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace culture. How eliminating unconscious bias enables greater gender identity and gender expression. Our speakers will discuss and provide proven tips around companies creating a safe space for Mental Health, Miscarriage & Menopause and how individuals can get the right support when going through these challenges and the importance of male allyship in advancing women’s careers and businesses. We will also address and develop a greater understanding of leadership styles in the C-suite and the different traits between men and women. Balancing the employees needs whilst achieving profitability within your business.

The Future of our working world

Many questions and challenges are faced when trying to gauge the future of the working world. Long-term job security and an attractive salary alone won’t retain top talent whereas flexible work schedules may. How can our businesses achieve this whilst increasing employee engagement, enhancing work life balance, and reducing stress levels?

As technology continues to transform our working world, we take a close look at whether our jobs are more likely to be supported by partial automation rather than fully displaced and how we can harness our transferable skills and embrace a multigenerational workforce. In this session we will address these questions and help you mould your business, teams & careers for future prosperity.


The Business of the Music Industry

In today’s ever changing music industry we explore how we challenge and improve the legacy methods of working to drive greater financial success. This includes the commercialisation of both streaming and live music events. We will debate the threat to the traditional online music providers and record labels and questions whether NFTs will override streaming platforms. Finally, and probably the most topical we focus on how to protect your Intellectual Property.

Building for the future

The race to NetZero by 2050 is on and construction plays a huge part in meeting this target. During this session our expert speakers will discuss the government’s plans for building our future landscape whilst reducing carbon emissions. How companies can integrate ESG considerations early on in planning to achieve their objectives and the importance of social value in creating new cities.  Is the answer Modern Methods of Construction? We delve into what this looks like and whether MMC will provide cost effective solutions that construction companies and developers are seeking.

As the industry faces a huge skills shortage, we highlight what opportunities women have and question, “are they getting the support they need to undertake senior level positions?”


The property landscape

The advancement in technology is changing the Real Estate Market: Within this session we investigate how both AI & VR can create a smoother process for both buyers and sellers and within the industry generally. Get an insight into planning and investing from the perspective of a local council, where we will touch on the very topical development of smart cities and social value. We pose the question is investing in property still the best way to achieve residual income especially with the threat of house prices declining & mortgage rates increasing.

We address the challenges around how we can encourage and support women in senior level positions within the industry and how to create work-life balance in the C-suite for women to thrive.


Evolving with modern technology 

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, we are overloaded with three letter acronyms and buzz words. Our technology and fintech discussion will guide you through this spaghetti of trends and provide clear illustrations on how it will influence our future lives. We deep dive into Web3, AI & machine learning and debate the effect this will have on our careers versus the need to automate. We address the concerns around safety in the metaverse and our wellbeing.

Our banking system and fintech solutions are ever evolving. We discuss the future of digital currencies, wallets and the government’s standpoint in comparison to the control we have over DeFi (Decentralised Finance) & the technology behind Crypto. Finally, we touch on the power of using data in our businesses, privacy and how we can drive gender equality through the effective use of data.

Workshop & Speed Mentoring Registration

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Please note all sessions are included in the Full Show Pass & Day Pass tickets only, if you have not purchased a ticket for our Modern Woman Show then you will not be able to register. You can purchase tickets on the tickets page of this website.

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Workshop 1: 11:40-12:25

Driving Commercial Performance

Ian Lyons, Founder of Vertical Evolves, will talk about the simple things your business can implement, change or improve, to significantly increase commercial performance.  He will illustrate a clear plan of action on what to address in your business to improve its long-term commercial prospects.  The emphasis in this session is to take away the tools to become an elite business leader.

Speed Mentoring: 16:00-17:00

Looking for that extra guidance and support to take your career or business up a gear? Or perhaps advice around a specific area of your work you want to excel in?

Our speed mentoring session is the perfect opportunity to meet with a number of qualified mentors/coaches with various skill sets and industry experience in a relaxed yet professional manner.

ishveen jolly
Workshop 2: 14:25-14:55

Marketing & Personal Branding

Join Ishveen Jolly, CEO & Founder of OpenSponsorship where she shares her core ingredients and tips on how to create a personal brand. She explores social media marketing and how to drive significant revenue growth through effect messaging.


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