Sandra Federighi – Global CFO for Stella McCartney

Sandra Federighi is CFO at Stella McCartney. She shares about her path to the top, and why the woman behind the brand is an absolute visionary.

For Sandra Federighi, a finalist in the Black British Business Awards in 2017, she recalls her nascent days in the world of so-called uber-luxe being far removed from anything resembling opulence or comfort.
‘Right at the beginning, when I entered the luxury fashion business in Italy, my salary was very low,’ she explains. ‘I had to do other jobs in order to survive and that was the toughest because at the same time I had to put in extra hours in my day, as well as being a barmaid in the evening.’ The slog was, she insists, eminently worth it.

Her first job was in banking after achieving her masters degree in economics, but she soon realised that the culture and environent wasn’t as expected. This inspired her to seek her passion for fashion and decided to combine her degree with this as well.

Today, her work as CFO at Stella McCartney sees her in charge of the finances of the brand on a global level. It’s vertigo-inducingly high-level stuff, but not content with being CFO alone, Sandra has also taken on the role of business services director, which involves looking after other services of the company as well.
Sandra shares her story from her early days of striving to the top and how today she manages a high-powered position alongside being a mum and the household duties!

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