#LetTheMusicPlay: Thousands of artists have come together to call on the UK government and stop ‘catastrophic damage’ to the future of live music


The performing arts and live entertainment industries continue to be among some of the hardest hit by Covid-19. And whilst we are slowly seeing restrictions starting to lift, live music is proving to be one of the last sectors to start operating as normal again.

Today (2 July) we have seen thousands of musicians take to the media in an attempt to save the future of live music. The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Dua Lipa and many more are among the huge list of artists who have signed an open letter to the government for the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign. The aim is to demand immediate action in preventing ‘catastrophic damage’ to the music industry in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, and in a bid to show the vital importance of the UK’s live music industry. Artists are ensuring the Government cannot ignore live music and making noise to get the public and financial support the industry needs to survive.

Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis recently spoke out to NME : “If the Government doesn’t step up and support the British arts, we could lose vital aspects of our culture forever. Organisers say that 50% of the entire workforce is facing redundancy, 90% of grassroots venues face closure, many operators are facing insolvency and having cancelled this summer and many festivals will struggle to return next year”

‘Let The Music Play‘ campaign have gathered and presented figures showing the detrimental impact COVID has had and potentially will have on the industry:

Key Stats

• The core live music industry stands to lose at least £900 million if it remains closed for the rest of 2020.

• An estimated 30-50% of the live music industry’s workforce are facing unemployment, leading to a catastrophic loss of skills.

• The UK is home to the most popular arenas in the world, yet they are set to lose five million visitors due to COVID-19.

• Music festivals support 85,000 jobs, but with the entire summer cancelled, many are currently facing collapse with 59% redundancies expected across the sector without further support.

Read the full list here

What can you do? 

On Wednesday (8 July) Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak MP will deliver a Summer Economic Update.

Please write to your local MP and ask them to call on the Chancellor to support Let The Music Play.

You can find your local MP here.

Support the campaign on social media with #LetTheMusicPlay. Download assests here.

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