It’s estimated that around 91 million people across the globe are signed up to what is perceived as the overwhelming yet eclectic world of online dating in the pursuit of either finding a soul mate or simply to have ‘some fun’. A new dating experience has been challenging boundaries when it comes to revealing all and tackling #BodyPositivity. 

BARE dating app brings people together in the most intimate, safe and meaningful way possible while allowing you to be in control. Welcoming absolutely anyone, this new innovative way of meeting people means it’s up to you how much or how little you share of yourself physically and emotionally. BARE envisages a world where people are empowered to form a meaningful connection on their terms. Individuals in society today are becoming more and more superficial and concerned about what, where and how they share information about themselves.

The BARE Essentials…

  • Your Body, Your Rules.
  • Respectfulness and Honesty.
  • Making people feel good about themselves and each other.

BARE’S  3 Main Features

  1. Real people

BARE welcomes absolutely anyone who respects that the platform is about making people feel good about themselves, promoting body confidence and most of all about ensuring everyone is real. BARE uses a combination of email verification and actual human beings to cross reference profiles and request ID where necessary over a 24 hour vetting period. This ensures the community of users are authentic.

  1. The revealing process

BARE as little or as much as you like physically & emotionally through the BARE experience

  1. Compulsory setting your status for what you are looking for

Choose between ‘Casual Respectful Fun’ (CRF), ‘Something More Serious’ (SMS) or ‘Open to Options’ (OTO) and you can change your status any time by editing your profile depending on how you feel.

Like any dating app, questions are always raised, especially when letting it all out in the hopes of finding true love.

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