Are you an ambitious and experienced writer who enjoys discussing the challenges that the modern woman of the 21st century faces? Do you have a wealth of tips and advice you want to shout from the rooftops to educate and help women excel within their chosen field?

We want you to write for us!


Giving women a platform to educate, motive and inspire

Our audience is made up of ambitious women professionals who either run their own business or side-hustle, climbing their way up the corporate ladder, or are already in leadership roles within the workplace, juggling all the stresses life as a modern woman throws their way daily.

Modern Woman aims to address those pressing issues at the core of new wave feminism: that in the 21st-century, we are still striving to gain respect for. A platform representing and giving a voice to women in business and the workplace across diverse industries… we want to celebrate that success and knowledge comes in many different guises and to create a sounding board to breed confidence among our highly able readership. A place where ambitious working women, leaders and entrepreneurs can delve into information, advice, insights and inspiration all from one another. 

So you would like to write for Modern Woman? What do I do next?…

Here’s how to become a contributor: 

1. Email hello@modernwoman.co telling us why you would like to become a contributor and write for Modern Woman.

2. Please attach examples of your previous features/articles so we can get to know you and your writing style.


What happens next? 

We will contact you within two weeks to let you know if we would like you to become a contributor for us.
We pay journalists and freelance writers for commissioned features and opinion pieces, so please highlight within your pitch to us your going rates and we will acknowledge this.


Love The Modern Woman Team x 


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