Find Your Focus and Keep Calm With Maude Hirst


Maude Hirst is the founder of EnergyRise, a mindfulness, yoga and meditation resource. She tells us how to take time to stop, focus and breathe. Take a few moments to pause and gain a little time to yourself to breathe. Here’s how in three easy steps.

1. Train your brain to focus. Spend five minutes each morning with your eyes closed, focusing on your breath coming in and out. Each time you get distracted (which inevitably you will) put your focus back on your breath. This will build your concentration muscle and may well come in handy later in the day when the emails, jobs and calls are coming in from all directions and you need to be able to stay on task.

2. One big reason we get stressed is because we are taught to spend all of our times in our minds, trying to solve all of our problems logically. When we do this we’re ignoring our bodies, forgetting that the body holds many of the answers we’re looking for within if we just listen. So try and bring some movement back into your life and tune back into your body. Try introducing a yoga practice or even turning some music on when you’re alone and dancing around like no-one is watching. Emotions are energy in motion. Move the body and the emotion can move through.

3. Get a coherent breathing pattern. When you feel anxious or stressed, your breath tends to get shallow and short. One of the most powerful tools to change your state is to change how you’re breathing. Simply pay attention to how you’re breathing and choose to deepen and slow down the breath; you’ll notice the body calming. For stressful moments like these, I recommend Coherent Breathing.

Here’s how to do it:

– Sit up straight, either with your legs crossed or on a chair with your feet firmly on the ground.
– Set an alarm for five minutes and cue up ‘Bells’ by Coherence, The New Science Of Breath on Spotify to assist you.
– Close your eyes and begin to bring awareness to you breathing.
– Tune into the sounds of the track and you will begin to match your inhales and exhales to the sounds of the bells or music, inhaling for six seconds and exhaling for six seconds.
– Notice the impact on your body.

For more information and for more mindfulness practices, visit and do get in touch with any questions.

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