One in three of us directly blame COVID-19 working restrictions for current feelings of exhaustion and burnout.


Research commissioned by The Office Group has recently found that since transitioning ourselves and our teams to remote employment, we are currently working more than ever.

Burning out is becoming ever more common within our modern working lives. It is the loss of meaning in one’s work, coupled with mental, emotional, or physical exhaustion as the result of long-term, unresolved stress. With almost a third of us admitting lockdown has brought us closer to burnout, there is no question the pandemic has greatly impacted the nation’s collective mental health. Our habits of an ‘always on’ work culture and not knowing when to ‘switch off’, has been highlighted for many of us now our homes have become our new offices since the coronavirus restrictions began.

Fifty nine percent of respondents to a survey conducted by ‘Study Finds‘ have said that they’ve been working more hours since their remote employment started, and admitted to putting in an extra near sixty hours of work. That’s equal to about seven full additional days of work over the past five months.

When asked to explain exactly why this period has been so challenging, thirty one percent said they feel obligated to work more because their office is now within their home. And with twenty seven percent missing the social connections of traditional offices, working remotely has also proved the challenge of not knowing when to switch off and ‘leave your work behind’.

While burnout can cause issues at work, at home, and in life, it is always possible to take action and familiarise ourselves with the early signs. Even if you may not be experiencing stress or burnout now, the wisest course of action is to proactively take up self-care and build your mental resilience preventing burnout impacting you too hard. We are all adapting and pivoting into what we are to embrace as the ‘new normal’ within business and the workplace, so whilst the world is shaking up around us, it is important we’re changing with it, but it is also imperative we are looking after ourselves too.

How are you finding remote working since the pandemic started?


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