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The Modern Woman is timeless and ever evolving.  Whether working inside an organisation or running her own, the Modern Woman is career driven, full of ambition and is making a positive impact in business and the workplace. The ethos of Modern Woman is to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and ages, be generous with our time and experience, and, most importantly, to have fun.


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The WINNER will be announced and presented at the Inspiration Awards on Friday 22nd March 2024 at The Landmark Hotel in London.

This is a fantastic evening celebrating women from all backgrounds and acknowledging women that are great models for our next generation. Previous winners and attendees have included; Dame Helen Mirren, Emma Thompson, Mary Berry, Annie Lennox, Dame Joan Collins to name a few.

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Good luck to all our nominees.

Rosie & The Team

Jessie Tsang

CEO of Solar Records

Solar Records was founded by Dick Griffey and evolved from Soul Train Records in 1978. This label gave the world artists such as Shalamar, The Whispers, Midnight Star, Lakeside, Dynasty, Klymaxx, The Deele, Calloway and was the foundation of Death Row Records. In 2018 the label was relaunched with Carrie Lucas-Griffey, Carolyn Griffey, Lucas Griffey and Jessie Tsang at the helm. Galaxy of Stars Ltd. is an intellectual property rights company named after the Solar Galaxy of Stars Tour. Paralegal and music promoter Jessie Tsang became involved in restoring and protecting the Griffey family rights of publicity and trademarks of Dick Griffey, Carrie Lucas(Griffey), Carolyn Griffey and Lucas Griffey.. Today this power team represents the intellectual property legacy of the Griffey Family and others.


Jacki Vause

Chief Executive Officer of Dimoso

As the Founder and CEO of Dimoso and Co-Founder of Global One Communications independent global agency network, she is a trailblazer in the world's tech PR landscape. Jacki co-hosts the popular podcast The Rest is PR, which has garnered a significant international audience and features in-depth discussions on various aspects of the PR industry. Today, Jacki is a leading figure in the world of Web3 and the growing tech and games industry, guiding businesses into the metaverse, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. As a regular speaker at international conferences and events. Jacki has been a single mother throughout her career and knows from first hand the challenges that today’s women face. She has dedicated much of her free time to mentoring women within the industry and was instrumental in creating the popular Women Lifting Women program. She is actively mentoring a number of young women through this platform and also through the GameChangers network. Jacki lectures for the Schools of journalism for the University of North Carolina and the University of Texas and is a member of the Lords Taverners charity.


Natasha Lewis

Lawyer and Legal Tech Founder

Natasha, with a keen eye for opportunity, envisioned and established a dynamic and client-centric law firm committed to providing progressive legal counsel and tailored solutions to individuals and businesses throughout the UK. At the core of Natasha's business philosophy is the empowerment of clients, instilling in them the confidence to make informed decisions safeguarding their wealth, family, assets, and financial interests. Dedicated to delivering unparalleled levels of legal advice, support, and customer care, Natasha has curated a team of highly seasoned solicitors. In addition to her role in shaping Yao, a groundbreaking legal technology platform for Lawyers, Natasha thrives on exploring advancements in technology and entrepreneurship, reflecting her passion for innovation in the legal industry. Natasha is a staunch advocate for women in business. She is passionate about fostering the progression of women's careers in the legal profession, reflecting her dedication to gender equality and empowerment. Her commitment extends beyond innovation, encompassing a drive to create positive change and opportunities for women inside and outside of the legal profession.


Katrina Young

Chief Technology Officer at Aggregator Digital

Katrina Young, founder of KYC Digital is a multi-award-winning strategist and standout in digital innovation. Katrina was recognised as one of the top 40 Digital UK Women to watch in 2020. With a robust career spanning strategic consulting, digital transformation, and marketing, she serves as a visiting lecturer and industry specialist at University of the Arts. Katrina's expertise in software, AI engineering, and digital solutions architecture has been featured in Forbes, Radio Times, Psychologies Magazine, and The Times. She empowers global clients, from corporations to business owners, with her framework process, driving business consulting, strategy and digital transformation. Her work across sectors including technology, healthcare, and education showcases her versatility and commitment to demystifying technology and fostering innovation.


Gemma Walker

Co-Founder She’s Electric

Gemma is a dynamic force in the world of brand strategy and communications, with a career spanning over 16 years on a global and local scale. Last year her experience in automotive marketing and events, and an obsession with brand positioning and communications, met her wish to have a positive impact beyond recycling (and picking her kids clean clothes back out of the washing basket), as She Co-Founded ‘She’s Electric’. Through She’s Electric, Gem empowers women to use their significant spending power to make more sustainable choices that create meaningful impact. Helping get us all to net zero a whole lot sooner. Gem is confident that people want to do the right thing if they can, and feels strongly that given the right tools that they’ll make good choices. Her persistent belief in her audience is one of the reasons She's Electric is now helping thousands of previously unengaged female consumers make the transition to EV; a testament to Gem’s strategic vision and unwavering optimism. Outside of work Gem is a massive advocate for Special Educational Needs.


Uma Rajah

Co-Founder & CEO at CapitalRise

Uma Rajah is CEO and Co-Founder of leading prime property finance firm, CapitalRise. Uma has 17 years of Fintech experience across a number of sectors including payments, SME lending, consumer credit, and real estate finance. She has also launched and developed a number of digital lending platforms, many of which were the first in their sectors. An exceptional role model, Uma has broken down barriers in a male-dominated industry to establish herself as a leader in the property finance sector. Uma has successfully steered CapitalRise since its inception in 2016 through challenging times in the wider property finance market, against a backdrop of Brexit, COVID, rising inflation and volatile interest rates. Under her leadership, the firm has continued to go from strength to strength. To date, it has secured over £350m of institutional capital, enabling CapitalRise to fund the development of over £0.8 billion of property by lending to SME developers across the South-East of England. In addition, the quality of its product and service offering has enabled CapitalRise to secure wins at the British Bank Awards four years in a row, and achieve a 5-star rating on Trustpilot.


Jodi Bartin

CEO of Citicourt & Co

Jodi is an extremely driven serial entrepreneur, having co-founded an engineering company at the young age of 22 and years later selling the business, which enabled her to return to the UK and begin a career in the City. Having completed an MBO before the pandemic, Jodi is now the CEO of London based, quality FCA regulated corporate finance advisory business Citicourt & Co Limited, and is a space sector and sustainability specialist. Amongst other complex sectors, the firm specialises in sustainability and space sectors, providing quality corporate finance advisory services for private firms, listed companies and funds. Jodi was an early member of small-caps AIM broker in London, where she was partly responsible for growing it to the largest small-caps broker in London. She is a Freeman of the City of London and Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologies. Jodi attained post graduate qualifications in finance at London Business School (LBS), having started her career in finance as an advanced corporate finance analyst, where her and her team deployed cost of capital exercises for large conglomerates.


Michaela Thomas

Clinical Psychologist & CEO

Michaela is a Clinical Psychologist and Founder of the psychology practice The Thomas Connection. Michaela specialises in perfectionism and its ties with stress, anxiety, productivity, procrastination, burnout, depression and overall wellbeing. She supports stressed busy women to stop overthinking and start taking imperfect action, using her Pause Purpose Play framework. Michaela runs a group coaching programme for ambitious women called Burn Bright and also offers 1:1 coaching, therapy, ADHD assessments and corporate talks. You can find her on Instagram @the_thomas_connection and LinkedIn, as well as on her award winning top 2% podcast Pause Purpose Play with Michaela Thomas. Michaela's work on this podcast has been described as 'life changing' and 'inspirational', spreading psychological concepts and mental health awareness around perfectionism, ADHD and burnout, making psychology accessible for anyone in need. Michaela has been featured in The Telegraph, The Times, Metro, HuffPost, Sunday Post, Happiful, Stylist, Grazia, Daily Mail, The Sun, i paper, and many others. She has done talks for clients such as Google, John Lewis, Oxford University, Lane Clark and Peacock, Unmind.


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