Lockdown didn’t mean an end to music or podcast making. In fact, we’ve been rifling through an abundance of releases from some of our favourite female artists. Here are our top picks.

1. Ghost Town, Greentea Peng
The lo-fi, neo-soul singer from Bermondsey takes on the powers that be in this defiant, bass-heavy dub track that blends her soothing vocals over psychedelic samples inspired by The Specials’ track of the same name. She released the single with an open-letter decrying gentrification and disruption to life in London and world-over: ‘The complete lack of respect for the environment and the people who make London what it is at its actual heart, in the actual ends…  The priority of money and wealth over the people, and the repercussions of that.”
2. Donkey (Single), Bessie Turner
The latest release from the emerging, sultry Suffolk singer/songwriter is a raw and real consolation to her listeners, and a powerful document of uncertainty. The soft alluring vocals and pacifying lyrics – over moody, lackadaisical guitar – observe the loss of a loved one and the chaos that goes hand in hand with grief.
3. Seeking Thrills, Georgia
An ode to much-missed pleasure seeking, parties and dancefloors, via a pop-disco beat. The second album written, produced and performed by Georgia Barnes, was recently nominated for The Mercury Music Prize 2020. This raw, from-the-heart, passion project is the product of someone learning to write for her own voice, who conveys her sincerity as she stamps her mark on the industry as a young woman.
4. Song for our Daughter, Laura Marling
The seventh studio album featuring the folk singer’s comforting tones was released in April during lockdown and made Marling another contender for a Mercury Music Prize. Calling itself ‘a lifeline during turbulent times’, Marling’s hauntingly tranquil vocals take you on an emotional journey that ends in a safe haven. Shining some positive light to guide us through times of trouble, Marling offers her most dextrous work to date.
5. Dying for Sex
What would you do if you only had a few years left to live? Travel the world? Spend time with your family? When the subject of this podcast was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, she did something bold: left her husband of 15 years and embarked on a series of wild, sexual escapades. Her best friend interviews her and publishes their filthy, hilarious and often moving conversations on this podcast, which delves into our most intimate relationships between our bodies and identities.
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